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How to Display Canvas Paintings Art?

Living in a rental space doesn’t mean you’re restricted to wall decor. With decorative details and clever techniques, you can transform your rental into a gallery-like space showcasing your beloved artworks. We provide some practical tips and ideas on utilizing your wall space wisely, allowing you to personalize and beautify your living space.

How to Add a Splash of Color to Your Wall/ How to Display Art in Your Home

  • Wall-Friendly Techniques: When considering displaying art in a rental space, exploring wall-friendly techniques that won’t damage the walls is essential. Command strips and adhesive hooks are great for hanging lightweight paintings or framed art. These removable and damage-free solutions ensure you can easily reposition or remove the artwork without leaving any residue behind.

In addition to command strips and adhesive hooks, you can explore other creative methods to display your art collection while renting. Consider using freestanding easels or floor stands to showcase larger paintings or prints. These portable and adjustable stands provide a convenient solution for displaying artwork without wall mounting.
Another option is to utilize decorative shelves or ledges. These can be easily installed using removable brackets or adhesive strips, allowing you to create a stylish gallery-like display. Arrange your artwork on the shelves, mixing and matching different sizes and orientations for a visually captivating arrangement.

  • Create a Gallery Wall: Gallery walls are a fantastic way to showcase multiple artworks in one cohesive display. Opt for various sizes, styles, and frames to add visual interest. Arrange the artwork in a balanced and aesthetically pleasing manner, considering spacing and symmetry. This allows you to transform a plain wall into an inviting focal point that reflects your taste and style. By creating a gallery wall in your rental space, you not only transform a plain wall into an inviting focal point but also have the flexibility to change and update the display as your art collection grows or your preferences evolve. Embrace the opportunity to curate a gallery wall that tells a story, sparks conversation, and becomes a reflection of your artistic journey.
  • Utilize Shelves and Ledges for Displaying Artwork:  If you need more confidence about putting holes in the walls, consider using shelves or ledges to display your art collection. Floating shelves provide a versatile and customizable option for showcasing paintings, sculptures, and other small art pieces. Arrange them staggered or layered to create an intriguing visual display.
  • Lean and Layer Artworks: Another stylish and temporary method of displaying art in a rental space is leaning and layering artworks against the walls or furniture. This approach creates a relaxed and effortlessly curated look. Lean larger canvas paintings or framed prints against the wall, and layer smaller artworks in front for added depth and dimension. This technique avoids wall damage and allows for easy rearrangement whenever desired. Layer smaller artworks before the leaned pieces to add depth and dimension. This creates an intriguing visual effect, as if each artwork interacts and converses with the others. Mix and match different sizes, shapes, and mediums to create an eclectic, curated look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with overlapping or staggering the artwork for a more dynamic composition.
  • Consider Easels and Floor Stands: Easels and floor stands are a versatile and mobile solution to display canvas art. These freestanding options are perfect for showcasing larger canvases or artworks you want to stand out. Position them strategically in corners, near windows, or as a statement piece in your living area. Experiment with different angles and heights to create visual interest. Consider incorporating complementary elements around the easel or floor stand to enhance the overall aesthetic. Surround the base with decorative objects like books, sculptures, or potted plants to create an artful vignette. This creates a harmonious blend of art and decor, maximizing the visual impact of your display.
  • Maximize Existing Furniture: Use existing furniture to display your art collection. Place smaller paintings or prints on bookshelves, mantels, or side tables. Use plate stands to exhibit smaller pieces on dressers or countertops. Integrating your art with furniture creates an engaging and cohesive display throughout your rental space.
  • Consider Temporary Installations: For temporary exhibitions or special occasions, explore the option of temporary installations in your rental space. Removable wallpaper or wall decals can be an artistic backdrop for specific artworks or create a themed display. This lets you experiment with different styles and aesthetics without permanently changing the walls.
  • Use Lighting to Enhance: Proper lighting can significantly enhance the impact of your art collection. Consider investing in track lighting, clip-on spotlights, or floor lamps with adjustable heads to highlight specific artworks. Directional lighting creates shadows and highlights, adding depth and drama to your display. Experiment with different angles and intensities to find the perfect lighting setup for your artwork.


Renting a space should not stop you from displaying your canvas art collection. By implementing wall-friendly techniques, embracing gallery walls, exploring shelves and ledges, leaning and layering artworks, using easels and floor stands, maximizing existing furniture, considering temporary installations, and using lighting strategically, you can create a visually stunning display that reflects your inner artist. Embrace the artful living mindset and transform your rental space into a gallery of your own, where your art collection can be admired and enjoyed to its fullest potential.

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Hendrix Morellaz

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